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Snail Mail

Welcome to Snail Mail for Seniors! Our mission is to help combat loneliness and isolation prevalent among the elderly that was exacerbated by the pandemic through letter writing. We hope to help students our age connect with senior members of the community demonstrating that a small act of kindness can make a huge difference. You will be able to submit letters that you write, art, crafts, and anything else that you want to give a senior citizen. Then, these letters and other goods will be sent to a local nursing home!!

Public Health Association

The Public Health Association aims to raise leaders in public health through education, service, and career development.

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NC STEM Mentorship Academy 

We are a nonprofit program dedicated to STEM mentorship and tutoring for K-12 students in North Carolina, particularly students of disadvantaged backgrounds at Title I schools 


Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. The PA FBLA Keystone Leadership Award recognizes members who go above and beyond in their FBLA involvement. 

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Science Buddies

Science Buddies is committed to preparing students at EK Powe Elementary school for Science Olympiad, while building leaders. 

Sr Beta Club

An educational, non-profit, youth organization in America striving to prepare students to become future leaders by promoting our ideals: achievement, character, leadership, and service.

NCSSM Kidznotes

We volunteer with the nonprofit Kidznotes to teach free after school music lessons to under-resourced elementary school students.

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Project Dosti

The mission of Project Dosti is to help immigrants or refugees to better their english skills. This is accomplished through weekly zoom meetings, in which native english speakers talk casually with their assigned “students”, and help them with schoolwork if need be. The goal is to develop conversational english skills, and to give the refugees a person they can lean on for help with their difficulties in adjusting to a new place. 

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Crafting a Community

We crochet and knit blankets and clothing to donate to community members in need. We also make thoughtful cards for those in the hospital and could use a positive message.

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Muslim Student Association

Our mission is to create an inclusive, safe, and informative space for Muslims and non-Muslims! 

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Archery Club

We strive to create a space for students to learn and practice archery techniques as well as get connected with other students through friendly competition. 

SMath Ultimate Frisbee (SMUF)

We are the ultimate frisbee club team at NCSSM-Durham, and we encourage everyone to have fun while upholding the Spirit of the Game.

Rock Climbing Club

We meet weekly at our school climbing wall and go on weekend trips to Triangle Rock Club-Durham! We also teach members how to belay and provide certifications. All beginners are welcome, no experience or commitment needed!

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Volleyball Club

Our mission is to provide the opportunity for players to learn and play volleyball! 

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Board Game Club

Board Game Club will create a space for people to play board games with friends, help meet new friends, and also run activities such as tournaments and tag-team games to help people de-stress and have fun! 

Stardew Valley Club

Our mission is to provide an avenue for students to destress with a fun game in a supportive and friendly environment. 

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International Cuisines Club

Our mission is to improve cultural competency on campus through the shared enjoyment of foods from around the world. 

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NCSSM Colours

Colours is a collaboration of NCSSM students who share in the appreciation and performance of gospel/inspirational music. We are a choir that promotes community and works to provide a safe place for everyone to express their true selves.


Enthalpy is a Hip-Hop Dance Club that encourages all students to immerse themselves in a fun, inspiring, and community-building activity.

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Poetry Club

Join Poetry Club, a rich multi-year legacy of NCSSM tradition, and write, read, talk about, and fall in love with poetry with us every Wednesday, 5:00PM - 6:00PM! 

Meetings every Wednesday in Ground Beall from 5:00PM to 6:00PM, unless specified. 


Bringing together people that enjoy singing and music. We are committed to creating captivating musical experiences that resonate deeply with audiences of all backgrounds. Through our dedication to vocal excellence, creative collaboration, and heartfelt performances, we aim to inspire and touch the souls of those who listen.

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NCSSM Math Modeling Club

We wish to expand access to math modeling, the applied side of mathematics that is generally ignored in many school curricula. We use projects, competitions, and activities to help members escape the misconception that math is purely theoretical, and show them that the math modeling mindset can increase their problem solving abilities. 

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The purpose of our club is to connect with the biomedical engineering community in numerous ways, whether through volunteering opportunities or competitions. Being a part of the NCSSM BMES chapter will allow students to be part of an inclusive and collaborative environment that advances human health through education and discovery. We hope to educate our members about careers in biomedical engineering and give them opportunities to pursue innovation and research. 

Black Student Union 

The Black Student Union is a cultural group dedicated to uniting the black cultures and experiences amongst the NCSSM student body. 

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Latiné Student Union

The Latiné Student Union at NCSSM aims to create a diverse, inclusive, and communal space on, and off, campus for individuals of Latiné heritage. We want to hear your voices, and want to create an overall greater movement that will impact latino/a/é individuals at NCSSM in a productive and prosperous way. We as a community want to offer an open environment to all people! We want to spread our culture, traditions, and who we are as individuals. From the border of the US and Mexico, to the tip of Argentina, and the Caribbean, We are Latine, and we aim to share that! 

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Our mission is to immerse ourselves in the vibrant and energetic world of Bhangra, celebrating its rich heritage and dynamic artistry while fostering a sense of togetherness and cross-cultural understanding. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and engaging space where individuals of all backgrounds can come together to learn, dance, and appreciate the infectious rhythms of this captivating Punjabi folk dance. 

Appalachian Cultures Club

We aim to educate students of all backgrounds about Appalachian cultures across the southern United States, specifically in North Carolina, through immersive, instructional, and interesting activities. We hope to dismantle preconceived notions and stereotypes about individuals who come from an Appalachian background to foster a sense of community at NCSSM Durham. 

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Balkan Cultures Club

From Greece and Turkey all the way to Ukraine, Balkan Cultures Club is meant to foster a sense of community between those with Balkan and Eastern European heritage. We wish to display these cultures to the NCSSM student body via events filled with traditional food, dance, dress, activities, and music. 

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Korean Students Association

Our mission is to educate and promote Korean culture and language to NCSSM 

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