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Welcome to NCSSM!

The 44th session of Student Government (SG) would like to welcome you to NCSSM! For more information about NCSSM SGA, feel free to check out this website! Here, you'll find information about student involvement, club chartering and funding, the structure of SG, senate meetings, and more. For any questions, please feel free to reach out to

We're excited to meet all of you and we're looking forward to a great year!

How is Student Government Structured?

The NCSSM Student Government association is divided into three branches: executive, treasury, and student senate. Each branch of student government is divided into advisory boards and other student leaders. Here's a more detailed breakdown of the structure of student government!

Upcoming Events

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Our Values

Student Involvement 

Interested in being a part of Student Government? Check out the Get Involved page of our website for upcoming opportunities to get involved! If you are passionate about the community or want to make change, we encourage you to reach out!

How To Get Involved

Communication and Transparency

One of our main objectives this year is to effectively communicate our goals with the student body. We've noticed that in years past, students were not as aware of SG's activity as they could be. We want to eliminate this lack of communication so that students know exactly what we are trying to accomplish and how they can be involved in the process. This year, student government plans to implement Town Halls, SG office hours, a monthly president's report, and this website are all part of our attempt to increase transparency and communication with the student body. In addition, a feedback system is always available on this website for students to express needs and desires across campus. Feel free to share your insight with us as we share ours with you! 

Online, Residential, Alumni Bridge

We want all members of the NCSSM community to be connected and stay involved with what is happening on and off our campuses. This means current residential students, online students, and graduates should have plenty of ways to communicate and connect with each other. Student Government is making this a priority to ensure that all students have the ability to create and join a network of contact with the rest of the NCSSM community. A new position that has been established this year to work towards improved relations between the two campuses is the Director of Online-Residential Communications, who will facilitate programs that encourage more interactions between these three groups.